Born in Dublin in January 2018, Genius Ventures was started with the mission of connecting angel investors with talented and fearless entrepreneurs

Our angel investors don't have to be multimillionaires. Anybody who has experience and can add value to a business can invest.

We invest in all types of businesses. We believe entrepreneurs should prioritise customers' needs and be able to spot an opportunity that others cannot see. 

We want to see more female founders and investors. Therefore we are working to encourage more women to invest and hopefully that will power through so we see more female entrepreneurs.

We will fill the gap in very early funding between friends and family and more serious start-up financing through formal venture capital.

Female founders & investors


We believe female founders and investors can have terrific impact on consumer commerce, food tech & med tech, family tech & education, ad tech & design. 

The future of e-commerce


3D and augmented reality technology are pushing the boundaries of every direct-to-customer platform.

Payments & financial services


Artificial intelligence and blockchain are already disrupting the industry.

Scrap that and blow our mind


Not all have been discovered yet so we cant put name on it. Do you have an idea that solves a problem? Send us your pitch and let's talk.


Justyna Strzeszynska

Founder & CEO

Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley


Thomas Brennan




This is genius!
Have an idea?

It's never too soon, you don't need to have a finished product before talking with us, so get in touch! Describe your business idea and answer a few questions about how it might work. Together we can brainstorm it, enhance it and you can also contribute to ideas of others. Think about your customers and what you understand about the gap in the market that no one else does. Be creative around your go-to-market strategy and look closely at the market you are going after.

Bringing creativity to life

If we think your idea is a winner, we can invest in it, produce it or develop it. We are not just uninvolved financiers. Our mission is to help founders turn their vision into something that changes the world for the better. We’re extremely focused on where and when we can add the greatest value to the founders with whom we partner. We don't think we are here to predict the future - you are.

Raise money

We know raising funds can be a distraction, so we try to be as fast and efficient as possible. We are happy to co-invest. No idea is too small for us to invest. Generally, our initial investment in a start-up ranges from €10,000 to €250,000. We’re very serious about supporting our companies with follow-on investing. In fact, we want to support founders prior, during and after raising money so that they have the best chance to succeed.

We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch now: info@geniusventures.ie


Discover start-ups

We are open to individual investors, aged 18 or over, resident in the EU and as well as institutional investors incorporated in these countries. We will introduce you to new businesses and ideas. You'll be able to access all information about start-ups, ask entrepreneurs questions, request further information and invest. We are not only introducers, we will support you in handling all administration for you and businesses. 

Start funding

You can choose how much money you want to invest. Often angel investors contribute more than money – they often have industry knowledge and contacts which they pass on to founders. Angels will often take non-executive board positions in the companies in which they invest. When you invest with us, you are investing in the company’s equity. Usually this will be ordinary shares and will represent the same type of equity that the company’s founders and other early-stage investors receive. Investing in private companies is very high risk. However studies show, overall, business angel returns are enhanced by using a portfolio approach to investing.

Enjoy your success

It is important at the outset for you to decide how you determine success. 'We believe that in the new economy what matters are not returns on investment but returns on imagination' (Gary Hamel). If you decide to invest with us, you become a legal, ordinary shareholder, receive regular updates and engage with each business. If the business does well, you'll participate in the success.

We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch now: info@geniusventures.ie


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